What is LUMOS?

The Liquicode User Management and Operations System, abbreivated as LUMOS, is a PHP Framework for building a simple, yet powerful and customizable user management system for a website, forum, blog or almost any other PHP environment.


Almost all web applications that require per-user separate information to be stored, retrieved and processes need a secure authentication system for users to safely login and view personal data and perform actions on or using the data. A good authentication system is also required where the administrator wishes to keep parts of the web application or website exclusive to those users who have registered and identified themselves by creating an account and logging in.

Making such a login system using PHP is not a very difficult task, but it is one that is tedious and time consuming. Often it soon becomes difficult to manage this customly created system and to make changes to it.

LUMOS is a PHP driven object oriented framwork created for the purpose of avoiding the need for web developers to have to create the user system on thier own and waste a lot of time. The in-built functions and easy to use 'user' class make it extremely simple to manage tasks relating to user management. The LUMOS functions and methods can register users, log users in and out safely, remember users if they wish to via cookies, get data for any given user, change data for any user, generate member lists and much more. And what's more, the LUMOS project is an open source project and you can use LUMOS for free as well as freely make changes to the source code if required, to best suit your needs.


You can try out the Demo to see a working LUMOS with PHP/HTML sourcecode for each page.

Please use the links on the left to download the latest version of LUMOS, ask for support, report a bug, or request a feature.